Sunday, January 19, 2020

Saturday, January 18, 2020

5th Grade Lion Dragons

In honor of the Lunar New Year, the students created these fanciful lion dancers.

1st Grade Lion Dancer Puppet

6th Grade Candy Label Study

8th Grade Perspective of a Town

2nd Grade Printmaking with Hearts

Kindergarten and 1st Grade- Moonlit Night

4th Grade Cassie Stephens Mugs

The fourth graders created these adorable mugs to emulate the artist Cassie Stephens.

Kindergarten Cherry Blossoms

The kindergarteners used watercolor and paint to create these magical cherry blossom trees.

7th Grade Grid Art

8th Grade Tapestries

Using a cardboard loom the students created these interesting works of art.

3rd Grade Aboriginal Dot Paintings

4th Grade City at Sunset

The students created these wonderful reflections using acrylic and watercolor paints.

2nd Grade Fireworks at Night

Using oil pastels and their memories of the fourth of July the students created these whimsical cities. 

6th Grade Linear Perspective

Using one vanishing line the students explored linear perspective.

Kindergarten Lucky Leprechauns

In celebration of St. Patrick's Day the kindergartners created lucky leprechauns.

3rd Grade Koi Fish

Using a bird's eye view the students created these colorful koi fish.

4th Grade Castles

Using oil pastels and black paper the students created these beautiful castles.