Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Christmas Card Contest Winner!

We have a winner! Halle in 5th grade won an Honorable Mention Award from the Archdiocese of Portland for her Christmas card design. 1500 children entered the contest. Congratulations!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

7th Grade Snowflakes of Peace

The seventh graders researched a peace activist, and created a poem depicting their life. They attached their poem to an exquisite paper snowflake.

Kindergarten Martin Luther King Jr. Renditions

6th Grade Optical Illusion Art

Kindergarten Collage

6th Grade Zebras

Using the beauty of the zebra's stripes, the students displayed the colors in the color wheel. 

8th Grade Line Makes Design

5th Grade Pumpkins

These juicy pumpkins were created with glue and watercolor.

3rd Grade Contour Drawing

8th Grade Contour Drawing

8th Grade Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

Using collage and watercolor students created wonderful sugar skulls to celebrate the Day of the Dead!

Middle School Math Elective- Optical Illusion Art

5th Grade Complementary Color Study

The 5th grade used zebras to highlight the beauty of using complementary colors.

6th Grade Snowman at Night

7th Grade Color Wheel Interpretation

Using acrylic paint students mixed colors to create their own version of the color wheel.

1st Grade Line Makes Shape

Using lines and glue, the students created beautiful shapes and design.

1st Grade and Harold and the Purple Crayon

The students channelled Harold and the Purple Crayon to make these masterpieces.

2nd Grade Clay Pout Pout Fish

Symbols of Faith

All school art project!