Monday, July 4, 2016

7th Grade- Abstract Birch Tree

8th Grade- Winter Birch Tree

Kindergarten- Fingerprint Flower Vases

Kindergarten- Cherry Blossoms

1st Grade- Complementary Design

4th Grade- Pop Culture Postage Stamps

1st Grade- Gumball Machine Collage

7th Grade- Color Wheel

2nd Grade- Tints and Shade Easter Crosses

7th Grade- Wild Hair Line Study

6th Grade- Color Wheel Zebras

5th Grade- Complementary Color Zebra

5th Grade- String Art Collage

7th Grade- Pointillism Designs

7th Grade-Optical Illusion Art

Kindergarten- Under the Sea Sun Catcher

7th Grade- Metal Hands

3rd Grade- Aztec Sun Collage

6th Grade- Animals and Line Drawings

6th Grade- Snowmen at Night

7th Grade- Abstract Noun Collage Projects

6th Grade- Dale Chihuly Project

3rd grade- Kanga Collage Drawings

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

1st Grade Little Town

The first graders practiced drawing using a ruler. They created a wonderful design using buildings. To bring the buildings to life they used vibrate watercolors.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

8th Grade 1/2 Face Drawings

The 8th graders chose a famous person and using the concept of symmetry of the face, created the other half of their face.