Thursday, July 30, 2015

St. Agatha Icon Tapestry

Handcrafted by Linda Weick.  Isn't it amazing?

6th Grade Optical Illusion Art

8th Grade Wire Sculptures

"Young Starlett"

"DJ Fresh"

"Break Dancing"

"Mill Girl"


"Bethany Hamilton"

5th Grade Perspective Drawing

7th Grade 3D Faux Glass Sculpture and Dale Chihuly

The 7th graders learned about Dale Chihuly (1941-   ), an American glass sculptor.  He was born right here in the Northwest in Tacoma, Washington.  His glass works are amazing, interesting and spectacular.  Some of his most famous masterpieces can be seen in his Museum of Glass in Tacoma.

These 3D creations were inspired by Dale Chihuly.  The students made these by coloring and then melting plastic cups. The students are in the process of creating a final masterpiece to be hung in the art room. 

5th Grade String Art

Using a ruler and colored pencils, the students created these amazing designs!

7th Grade Color By Number

Using famous works of art the students created these color by number. 

8th Grade Stackables

Some of the 8th graders' favorite things. 

Class Auction Projects

Whole School Auction Project

8th Grade breadbox

8th Grade Auction Project

Whole School Auction Project

5th grade Auction Project
1st Grade Auction Project

6th Grade Auction Project

Personal Project

7th Grade Auction Project

8th Grade Decorated Cakes

Every year the 8th graders decorate cakes to be auctioned off at Art and Poetry Night!

1st Grade Line and Design Art

Using their knowledge of the various types of line, the students created visual displays using colored pencils. 

2nd Grade Chalk Self-Portraits

Using chalk pastels the students created these fantastic self-portraits.