Friday, January 11, 2019

2nd Grade Tree of Wisdom

Using Gustav Klimt's famous masterpiece titled "Tree of Life", the second graders created these shiny masterpieces. 

7th Grade Fiber Arts

The seventh grade students used matboard and nails to create the template for their sewing project.  Then using complementary colors they sewed these eye-popping shapes. 

4th Grade Picasso

The fourth graders studied the great artist Picasso and recreated his famous self-portrait art. 

6th Grade Color Wheel Zebras

7th Grade Color Wheel Interpretations

The seventh graders used their vivid imaginations to bring the color wheel to life using modern day images. 

1st Grade Clay Owls

Using air-dry clay and acrylic paints the first graders created these fun-loving owls. 

8th Grade Complementary Color Design

Using the principles of design, students created these lovely abstract complementary color works of art. 

2nd Grade Color Wheel Fish

During their study of the color wheel, the students painted circles and arranged the colors to create a  color wheel fish. 

4th Grade Color Mixing for the Color Wheel

Kindergarten - Fall Clay Leaves

Using air-dry clay and acrylic paint, the kindergarteners created these magical clay leaves. 

Monday, November 5, 2018

3rd Grade Painted Elephants

The students created the painted elephant using a basic step by step drawing method.  Then using pictures of painted elephants they created their final masterpieces.

Kindergarten Fall Trees

The students studied the colors of fall and brought those observations to life in their fall trees.

4th Grade 3D Birds

Using clay and feathered adornments, the students created these whimsical birds.